Friday, March 30, 2007

Easter is Not the Cross

Easter is a beautiful time of the year. Spring is coming in and all of nature seems to be restarting brand new. Perfect for the reason behind Easter. At times we as Christians focus a lot on the crucifixion during this season, but let’s not forget the most important event in the earthly life of Jesus the Christ; His resurrection. The crucifixion is a wonderful example of love and sacrifice, but without the resurrection it would be just another cool story of a great leader with a tragic end. But Wait! It wasn’t over when He died! It still isn’t over today! He came back three days after His death! Just like He said He would. This was God’s ultimate rebuttal to all the lies and allegations at His ‘trial.’ The story still continues today. Without the resurrection we have no power over sin and death.
I have been asked, “What makes Christianity any different from all the other religions in the world?” First off, it is not a religion. It is an invitation to have a relationship with the living and loving God. Religions condemn people; Christianity, through Jesus, gives people the chance to avoid condemnation. Secondly, Christianity is the only world faith that claims that it’s leader and founder has risen from the dead. All religions have either a founder who is in the grave of or god who never lived as a human. They must visit a grave that is in use if they want to get close to their object of worship. Christians do not have to visit a grave and if they do, it is empty!
Easter is about the resurrection. It is about how even though He was severely mistreated; Jesus came back, and will come back again. He loves us too much to stay away. Easter is about what has happened in the nearly 2,000 years since His death. It is about the Christian’s mission to spread the love and message of Christ. Jesus’ charge to Christians came after His resurrection. This week focus your reading on these passages: Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20, 21; and Acts 1, 2. These tell us what we are supposed to be doing, the rest of the Bible tells us how to do it. Easter is about how no person has to go through life alone. Jesus came back to send the Holy Spirit for the Christian and the Christian is sent to be here for the non-Christian. Easter is about you, me, and everybody else in the world. Easter is about God’s glory shinning through His creation and His plan for us.
If the tomb were not empty; then everything that happened before or since would be. The resurrection gives meaning to the cross; and is the single most important element in the event of Jesus the Christ. It sparked the revolution that gives us hope for eternity and for today. Without it Jesus is nothing and if He is nothing, we are nothing. This Easter, bask in a celebration of the resurrection!
Easter is about the empty tomb, not the cross.
Happy Resurrection Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What does holiness mean?

I am not really writing a post this time. I am more or less asking you to write one for me. I am working on a paper for Doctrine of Holiness class and I need to ask three questions to be used in the paper. Don't worry, I will not use your name unless you just want me to. Not that anybody outside my prof will see it. Questions:
1) What do you think holiness means?

2) When you hear the word 'holiness' what comes to mind?

3) Do you feel holiness, as you understand it, is important to the Christian life?

Please post your answers here on the blog. I need these by Thursday a.m. at the latest.