Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life stinks!

Hey all,
I know it has been a looong while since I last blogged, but I have been slammed lately. With a week long trip to SC for a class, a week out of the office to help my wife after carpal tunnel surgery, and our churches Vision Defining Seminar retreat this past weekend. Not to mention all the work and meetings to get the student center in Albion going, regular staff meetings, board meetings, a laundry list of hospital visits, and sermon and lesson prep.
One thing on my mind is from a funeral for a seven year old boy that I spoke at during this weekend, in addition to the retreat.
Life is short, even for those of us who seem to live forever, not just little ones who move on. James 4:13-17 tells us that life is like a mist, here for a little while then gone. I want you take out a bottle of cleaner like Windex, 409, Resolve, air freshener, or anything that cleans or deodorizes that sprays a mist...........(waiting for you to do this)...................... Now, spray that in the air one time and watch.........It's there, but then it is gone. The life of that mist is short but accomplishes a lot. Do it sniff..... the mist is gone, but its affects are still in the air and will be for awhile. That short mist leaves behind a beautiful scent because in it's short life it worked hard to accomplish its purpose. Logan, the seven year old, did not die early, he just finished early. He accomplished all that God purposed for him quickly. He wanted to be in the Army when he grew up. He was and is in the Army, God's Army. In the Army one is always given a mission. After six years as a Sgt. in the Marine Corp, I never saw a soldier carry out their mission as efficiently as Logan carried out his. He did in seven years what many of us take a life time if we get that much. So many were affected by this little boys life(You should have heard the testimony about him by those there, young and old alike) One old man even said that he always wondered what Jesus was like as a young boy and after knowing Logan he knows! How awesome is that! This boys life may have been short, but the scent his life left behind will go on till the end of the world! And so will yours, whatever that scent is, it will go on until this world ends. My Question for you on this blog is this, and please respond even if you have to sign-up for a blog hey its free!
What kind of scent will your life leave behind?