Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Break

So, let’s answer the question we all answered this time of year when we were in grade school, “What did you do over Christmas break?”

+ On two occasions we had family from North Carolina visit.
+ We did lots of shopping! (Whew!)
+ I built my three year old a small clapping horse for Christmas. I have a tradition of building one of these for each of my daughters for Christmas the year they are three years old to honor my Grandpa Sheffield whom was a great wood carver, but never had the money to buy presents for his kids so he always made them out of scrap wood from work.
+ I had the privilege of doing a winter wonderland wedding three days before Christmas.
+ I also had the honor of doing a funeral for the daughter of a church member four days after Christmas.
+ We had a Christmas bash at The Studio and my first ever Christmas Eve service at the AWC.
+ We of course celebrated Christmas by remembering the birth of Christ and by remembering that His death and resurrection were what made His birth so special.
+ I got to attend an international youth conference in Orlando, FL (yes Florida!) for a couple of days and paid for it with a 21 hour bus ride home with 70-80 crazy teenagers!
+ I had more dates with my wife during this time then we had the rest of 2007! Awesome times guys! If you haven’t dated your wife in awhile, ask her out soon, her response may surprise you! She is still that hot chick which you didn’t have the guts to talk to the first time you laid eyes on her only this time she is already yours so just ask her already!
+ One of the most special things I got to do was spend a lot of time with my daughters playing games, playing in the snow, and building our iFrosty snowman (see picture).

I hope you have a great year and that we have an awesome ride together!