Tuesday, May 22, 2007

God Hates hate.

I have spent most of the morning watching videos on You Tube. I linked there from and e-mail to watch a funny(and clean) video but some others attracted my attention. I watched several videos from people replying to Westboro baptist Church(I purposely did not capitalize the b because they really are not a Baptist church) and their "God hates...." campaign. I then watched some videos of them promoting their message on news stations and such, and then I went to one of their websites to see their stuff.
They really miss the mark on loving others only they do not accept the argument that they do. God loves all of His creation and He wants to see no one perish into Hell. He did not come to the world to send us to Hell, but to save us from it (John 3:17).
But all the love stuff aside since they do not accept that line of reasoning anyway; they are exactly the thing I was talking about in my last blog. They are so mean and nasty with their way that they are not reaching people with the Gospel, they are chasing people away from it. They say that God has given them special gifts to save and to know the truth but they are doing just the opposite. They are doing the Kingdom so much damage with their hate. Since they have a messed up interpretation of love then how about this, in Matt. 7 and Luke 6 Jesus talks about not worrying about the speck in your brother's eye because of the beam or plank in your own eye. He makes the one a beam because not only do they have unresolved sin in their life, but they are condemning others for having it in their life which adds more sin. So obviously condemning others is wrong and the hate that comes from WBC is not just a plank, it is an entire lumber yard!
God does not hate people. Hating people does not bring them into the Kingdom, it hides the gates and pushes them away. God hates anything that keeps people from coming to Him. The sad part is all the people who hate the Church and hate God because of it. With a message of hate, condemnation, and legalism the Church has created a culture of people who not only do not know God, but hate Him, His son, and His message.
Leading people away from God is a sin and for that I am truly sorry to all who do not know God, all who have been hurt by the Church, and all who now disregard or hate the Gospel. As a representative of God's Church I am sorry if we have hurt you and mistreated you in the name of God. I want to deal with the plank in my own eye first and then be there to lovingly help you remove your speck when you are ready, so we can walk together into life and eternity with clear sight of the love and power of God.
I love you all and want to help, but I acknowledge that I need just as much, if not more, help.